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Interactive projection - is any interactive projection systems

As you probably already guessed, Interactive projection (Interactive-project) dedicated to a variety of modern , Projector interactive systems.

Our interactive software is very flexibly allowing you to create an unlimited variety of interactive effects on floors, walls, windows, tables, etc. Any surface that can be projected on can be transformed in to an interactive display.With a large variety of templates and over 120+ themes, an effect can be created for every occasion. 

High-efficiency multi-projector splicing and amalgamation method

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Livestream lets conference organizers connect with remote attendees. Whether you are streaming a conference, workshop, or live panel discussion, Livestream can help you engage your audience worldwide. Viewers can watch on any device, including desktops, tablets, mobile devices, and Roku-connected TVs.
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Holography is a technique that enables a light field, which is generally the product of a light source scattered off objects, to be recorded and later reconstructed when the original light field is no longer present, due to the absence of the original objects.Holography can be thought of as somewhat similar to sound recording, whereby a sound field created by vibrating matter like musical instruments or vocal cords, is encoded in such a way that it can be reproduced later, without the presence of the original vibrating matter.
The invention discloses a high-efficient multi-projector splicing and blending method. One quarter of an arc is taken as a blending curve for an edge blending color correction method based on the existing geometric correction, and a graded combination linear gradient brightness compensation method is adopted for the light leakage phenomenon. The method does not need to spend great workload and can realize good splicing effect and reflect the high efficiency, so the method can be widely applied in various multi-projector splicing display systems.
In computing, multi-touch is technology that enables a surface (a trackpad or touchscreen) to recognize the presence of more than one or more than two points of contact with the surface. This plural-point awareness may be used to implement additional functionality, such as pinch to zoom or to activate certain subroutines attached to predefined gestures.

The 2 different uses of the term are the result of the quick developments in this field, which resulted in many companies using the term "multi-touch" for marketing purposes for older technology that is called gesture-enhanced single-touch or several other terms by other companies and researchers.There are several other similar or related terms that attempt to differentiate between whether a device can exactly determine or only approximate the location of different points of contact and that attempt to further differentiate between the various technological capabilities,but they are often used as synonyms in marketing.
We believe motion graphics are the future of video marketing. With the growth of YouTube and other social media sites, a top-quality motion graphics video quickly grabs the viewer’s attention and delivers your message.
Online is where it’s at, which is why we specialize in innovative digital business videos to promote your company across a range of online platforms, including YouTube Videos, Kickstarter Videos, eCommerce Product Promos, and more.
Event videos are the perfect way to show the world what you’ve been up to, highlighting your engagement with customers and your enthusiasm for your brand. Perfect for promoting future events, and securing new opportunities.

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your business and private function needs. Specializing in professional solutions for events of all sizes and categories,We offer a wide range of DLP and LCD bright lumen projectors.